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  -- Regarding the published Software Lifecycle Rules by Blackberry QNX, we

     announce immediately End-of-Life and End-of-Support for all QNX 6.x and 4.x based
     software products

     We offer source and binary buy-outs  for current customers.

     Please see:


  -- QNX 7.1 Support for fieldbusses not available because of the broken mmap POSIX API calls.
     The option FD_CLOEXEC also not working at process termination. Leads to security
      problems (April 2023)

      Developments for QNX 7.1 are dropped.

  -- QNX 7.0 Support is still

           - available for adapter from PEAK Systems:

               - PCAN PCIe / dual channel
               - PCAN miniPCIe / dual channel
               - source code availabe for source buy-out

           - available for adapter from Phoenix Contact:

               - Interbus G4 boards

               -  sources code available (together with the development kit from Phoenix Contact).


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