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Driver and API for  QNX 7.0
- C-examples and C-libraries, documentation
- DACHSview++ for easy function block based application development.

 Driver and API are offered for the related boards.  CAN L2

Supported CAN boards (w/o co-processor)

We offer real-time support packages for CAN boards from Peak Sytem for normal and extended temperature range in the  formats of: 

  • PCI and PCIexpress mini w/o FD support

Supported CAN controllers for QNX 7.0: Intel 82527, Bosch CC770, SJA 1000.

QNX 7.0:SJA 1000 

(Version for Genode OS Framework planned)



                                                                                                                         Works with QNX 6.x / 7.0

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