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We plane to develope a version for the Genode OS Framework supporting the Mailbox Interface, Data Transmission Interface, Bus Management, PCP and also the INTERBUS Loop network. Advantages of INTERBUS for DACHS® are high speed and small cycle times which allow the realization of applications for hard realtime requirements.

Driver and C API for INTERBUS G4 Master boards:

IBS  Phoenix Contact
  IBS-PCI SC/I-T board (PCI format)
  IBS-PCI 104 SC-T board (PCI-104 format)
  IBS-PC ISA SC/I-T board (PC/ISA format)
  IBS-PC 104 SC-T board (PC/104 format)       

Using one of these generation-4 boards, a standard industrial PC can operate as the master of a INTERBUS fieldbus. INTERBUS-Loop segments are also supported.
The integration of an INTERBUS master board  releases the PC processor from the entire bus handling. The INTERBUS master board cares for the cyclic transfer of the information of up to 4096 I/O points. 

All INTERBUS-services will be fully supported under Genode OS Framework. QNX 6.x. is EOL and the Interbus software for QNX 6.x is EOL!

It is easy to get access to the Data Transmission Interface for reading and writing process data. The mailbox interface is available for fieldbus management service functions and PCP communications.

The cycle time of the driver is adjustable in the range from 1ms to 4ms. The cycle of the bus can also be triggered by the application. This feature works completely interrupt driven.

The mailbox interface allows full multi tasking operation with buffering of events in a 8KB FIFO buffer. The Generation 4 controllers of INTERBUS support also the cost effective INTERBUS Loop network

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