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Welcome to the Real-Time, Fieldbus, and GUI Experts


 Fieldbuses supported from STEINHOFF


Fieldbus Technology with C/C++ and visual Programming

PC-based Automation & Embedded Systems

 Software Components and Fieldbus Controllers for System Application Developers

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    dachsviewpac   boards

all DACHS products are offered for QNX, and Standard & PREEMPT_RT Linux ! 

PC-based Control 2.0


Soft-PLC DACHSview-SDL with 2D & 3D animated Graphics, SQL Database, embedded C-Compiler for ANSI C-Code, support of Scripting Languages, and Dynamic Link Libraries.



No chance for viruses by CRC checksum protection of drivers, targets, and DACHSview-applications!



Complete RT-PACs with preinstalled software and DACHSview Targets for realtime control & GUI applications.








DACHSview-SDL     DACHSview-SDL Flyer, English  (pdf)  DACHSview-SDL Flyer, deutsch 

Full DACHSview-SDL systems are downloadable for evaluation!

Please, ask for the link via email and specify if you are interested in the IDE with QNX 6.4.1 Target or PREEMPT_RT Linux Target.               


FLTK-Controls.s  DACHSview_functiionblock_display_OpenGL  DACHSview-SDL Demo 1  3D Applications with DACHSview-SDL 

DACHSview components, Scheme  DACHSview-SDL Demo 2 [1]  DACHSview-SDL Demo 2 [2]  ETCS.s 


DACHSview-Vsystem    DACHSview-SDL Flyer, English  (pdf)  

Functionblock Programming and Comfortable Simulation for SCADA Applications Vaccess, Realtime data base of Vsystem

STEINHOFF and Vista Control Systems® Inc. from Los Alamos, NM in USA agreed a partnership for extending Vista Control's SCADA system Vsystem® with DACHSview. DACHSview-Vsystem® reduces the complexity of your SCADAVISTA Control Systems, Inc. USA application and let you program HMI/SCADA applications and HMI/SCADA simulations comfortably via functionblock display.


DACHS® products are based on industrial standards. STEINHOFF's DACHS® components are used for 20 years worldwide in industrial plants and embedded systems for reliable, flexible, and mission critical real-time applications which have to run nonstop w/o re-booting for years! 



Our Product Suite is called DACHS [Distributed Automation Control & Host System] 


If you have questions, please contact us ! 


STEINHOFF Automation, the fieldbus expert for realtime solutions  




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